Second Arab Knowledge Report addresses future generations

Mar 14, 2012

The Arab Knowledge Report 2010-2011, launched today, is the second in a series of reports that the United Nations Development Programme is jointly producing with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF). This year’s report addresses the crucial issue of preparing future generations for the knowledge society.
The report adopts the triad of skills, values and enabling environments as the basic pillars for preparing the future generations. The basic argument is to investigate and address the issue of providing future generations with the required skills (cognitive and conative and social) for active participation in knowledge society building processes. The report states that these skills alone cannot yield the desired outcome unless associated by a matrix of values that directs them to control future generation activities. The third pillar in this triad is the enabling environment to support, nourish and protect efforts of preparing future generations (introducing appropriate legislation, establishing required institutional setting).
This year’s report is distinguished by field surveys that were conducted in four representative Arab countries – Jordan, Yemen, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates - on pilot basis to investigate the status of skills, values and enabling environments of the Arab Youth in these countries. Special tools were invented and implemented; probably for the first time in the Arab Region. Outcomes of these surveys demonstrated the deficiency in Arab youth skills particularly in relation to cognitive skills.
The report also suggests a mechanism for movement towards preparing the future generations which included four basic elements of: the willingness to act (political, societal, innovation), the ability to act (including addressing political, legislative societal impediments), how to act (building and adopting appropriate methodologies and approaches) and last but not least securing the prerequisites of action (institutions, social, economic and financial).
Over 400 distinguished specialists, thinkers, economists and scientists from almost all Arab Countries, in addition to Ministers of Education from Jordan, Yemen, Morocco and UAE, attended the launch.

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