Our Vision

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The Global Policy Centre on Resilient Ecosystems and Desertification (GC-RED) aims to provide for optimal livelihoods and jobs creation support, with a particular focus on the poorest and most vulnerable people and communities. The Centre explores solutions in two major areas:

  1. Managing and using of renewable natural capital sustainably with an eye on enhancing employment and livelihoods, and
  2. Ensuring social and ecological resilience in drylands and other fragile ecosystems.


Our Domain of Competence

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GC-RED's domain of competence lies in the areas of:

  • Renewable natural capital, promoting sustainable management of renewable natural capital for optimal livelihoods support and job creation; and
  • Social and ecological resilience, ensuring social and ecological resilience in drylands and other fragile ecosystems. 


Our Main Areas of Work

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GC-RED works on the policy-practice interface by:

  • Undertaking applied research and analysis in the areas of renewable natural capital and resilience and compiling relevant evidences and proven good practices accumulated across UNDP;
  • Providing policy and technical advice for economic revitalization, job creation and environmentally sustainable livelihoods particularly in countries emerging from crisis;
  • Providing programme development and implementation support and developing a number of programme-relevant key products;
  • Promoting intellectual exchange among multiple stakeholders and across disciplinary fields, facilitating the global dissemination of optimal policies and good practices, and stimulating processes for their incorporation into national and regional policy processes; and
  • Developing tools and methodologies for strengthening the implementation and monitoring of resilience building and sustainable management of natural capital.


GC-RED Thematic and Operational Modality Framework

Credit: Alessandra Blasi

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