Public Service Innovation Lab

PSI-Lab_KLPresentation of Team Guardian Angel at the Kuala Lumpur SIC

Governments around the world are looking for innovative solutions that enhance the design and delivery of public services. They are reaching out to the private sector and citizens, to become partners in solving key social challenges.

Recognising this new push for co-design and co-production the UNDP Global Centre for Public Service Excellence partnered with Social Innovation Camp Asia to explore social innovation as an approach for improving the reach, access and quality of public services. These could be in the form of a mobile phone application, a social enterprise or a platform for co-creation of public policy. Innovations could address demand side issues (tools for citizens), support the supply side (tools for public servants) or even bridge the gap between the two and allow each to leverage their full potential.

From September to November 2013, a series of social innovation camps was held across Southeast Asia – in Bangkok, Cebu, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, and Singapore. These camps provided a stage for various stakeholders, designers, programmers and citizens at large to re:think and re:create public services and create prototypes for innovative solutions. 

The series culminated in a Regional Summit (Singapore, Nov 29 – Dec 1) where more than 50 participats from 13 teams met to exchange ideas and receive mentoring support. In the closing ceremony mentors and potential sponsors/ investors saw their pitches and provided their feedback. This video gives you a glimpse into what happened at the Regional Summit.

The 2013 Public Service Innovation Lab was an effort of the UNDP Global Centre for Public Excellence (GCPSE) to bring social innovation and design-thinking to the attention of policy and decision makers engaged in public service reform. 

The Social Innovation Camp series was followed by an international Consultation on the Co-Design of Public Policy and Services to take stock of efforts by Governments and NGOs accross the globe in integrating these concepts in public service innovation. GCPSE released two discussion papers at the event:

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