In its new phase, the Oslo Governance Centre (OGC) will be outward looking and engage vigorously with Norwegian and other Nordic partners, as well as think tanks from the South.

The OGC benefits from the presence in the Nordic region of renowned research institutes, think tanks and civil society organisations all with a wealth of knowledge and experience on how to support governance and peacebuilding in transition. The Centre will draw on this knowledge and experience, and act as a convening hub and a centre for applied research to develop policy options and practical tools in support of governance programming in transition contexts.

Institutions in this part of the world have cutting edge expertise and knowledge in supporting governance and peacebuilding in transitional societies, with a long history of active participation as negotiators and mediators in resolving conflicts. Norway can also provide useful support and lessons from its own rich democratic history over the last two centuries and the role extractive industries and policies on gender equality can play in furthering human development.

The OGC enthusiastically looks forward to developing strong and viable partnerships with other entities in:

  • Co-production of research
  • Sharing resources and expertise
  • Knowledge co–creation and developing innovative approaches
  • Analysis and learning
  • Building a common approach to governance and peacebuilding

For more information about OGC’s knowledge and convening role please click here.

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