UNDP and Turning Tables - Global Goals Music Videos

Turning Tables is a worldwide organization that empowers marginalized youth, through music and film. To help make the Sustainable Development Goals famous, UNDP and Turning Tables work together to tell the real stories behind the Goals - and to listen to the people that most need them to succeed.

From the four corners of the world, the young artists want to inspire change, growth, and development that lasts. 


In Kenya, almost 400,000 children live on the streets. To help them tell their own stories, Turning Tables gave them cameras and training. Supa Cut belongs to one of the street families of the "No Chokoras"* project and tells his own stories from the bottom of the Kenyan growth miracle. 

This video was shot by the street kids together with a Turning Tables Kenya instructor in order to highlight the importance of the Global Goals regarding poverty reduction, no hunger,  reduced inequalities and Justice.


* "Chokora" is a derogatory term for street child

Homeless youth in Denmark
The cornerstone of the 2016 Denmark Social Good Summit, this video portrays a young homeless Dane's vision of Danish contemporary society. 


The number of homeless youth in Denmark has doubled between 2009 and 2015. Since 2015, Turning Tables has run outreach programmes in order to provide homeless Danish youth with training and know-how to express their challenges, hopes and dreams through film and music.

By portraying their lives, the homeless artists in this video illustrate the universal nature of and need for the Global Goals, demonstrating that they apply as much in Zimbabwe as in Copenhagen.


#BoatPeopleAreRealPeople - From Syria to Greece
Five years into the conflict in Syria, over 60% of the population is either internally displaced or has fled the country. The fighting has drastically rolled back the region’s human development achievements from 113 out of 189 in 2010 before the conflict to 173 out of 183 countries by the end of 2014.

The first video follows Syrian refugees as they arrive to the European mainland and begin taking the first steps in their new lives. A message of hardship, but nevertheless hope - a flame in the darkness.

Hakamat Calling Sudan
This video is shot in North Kordofan State in Sudan which is suffering from rapid desertification as a product of global warming and humanly invoked deforestation. A group of local Hakamat – traditional female war chanters – created a song about what is happening to the land, why the men are leaving, how the women thus have to bear a heavier burden, and how the scarcity of resources impacts their lives.

Sukuma Wiki - Pushing Through the Week
“We are so much into tribal boundaries, yet we are all hungry”. Kenya's track targets tribalism and segregation in the areas of Nairobi that are most prone to politically motivated violence. The song was written by local youth, and carries a positive message: to leave tribalism behind, and direct the energy of the youth towards fighting poverty, building peace among their communities, and create new livelihoods. 

Wake Up Myanmar 
For this song, 24 youth from 6 different corners of Myanmar, and diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, participated in Turning Tables Myanmar’s yearlong social cohesion project called “The Voice of the Youth”. Together, 24 participants produced and recorded the song “Wake Up” that is a call for democracy, youth participation, transparency, justice and sustainable development.

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