Inclusive political processes

Palestinian in leadership trainingIndigenous people verify their names on a voter list in Mondul Kiri province, Cambodia. Photo: UNDP/Alejandro Boza

UNDP’s integrated approach to supporting inclusive political processes aims to harness our experience and comparative advantage in supporting and strengthening the capacities of political processes and institutions in order to improve citizen participation, voice and accountability and rebuild a stronger and more inclusive social contract.

UNDP works collaboratively to support policy development and programmatic approaches to enhance the capacities of key political institutions and groups. For example,

  • Parliamentary development, with a focus on building the capacities of Members of Parliament and their Secretariats to discharge their constitutional, law-making, oversight and representation mandates, and the skills of civil society actors to act as intermediaries in political advocacy, representation and engagement in political processes;
  • Constitutional reform processes, with a focus on supporting dialogue and mediation, outreach, public education, and institutional development of constitution-making bodies;
  • The electoral cycle, to enhance the credibility, transparency, effectiveness and sustainability of electoral institutions and processes, in close cooperation with the Department of Political Affairs;
  • Civic engagement, focused on both strengthening civil society capacities and expanding and protecting spaces for citizen participation in political and public life, with a special focus on groups experiencing discrimination and marginalization, including persons with disabilities, LGBTI (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) and indigenous peoples; and
  • The advancement of women’s equal participation and decision-making in political processes and institutions.

UNDP works across a variety of development contexts including stable, conflict/post conflict and transitional settings, and strives to ensure that inclusive political institutions and processes are capacitated and engaged in supporting national development efforts to achieve the MDGs and implement the post 2015 development framework.

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