Conflict prevention and peacebuilding

women meet in DarfurNorth Darfur, women attend an Open Day workshop to discuss the principles and progress related to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security. (Photo: Sojoud Elgarrai/UNAMID)

UNDP’s work on conflict prevention and peacebuilding promotes social cohesion and empowering nations and communities to become inclusive and resilient to external and internal shocks.

This is done by supporting and strengthening of key governance institutions needed to peacefully navigate countries away from potential conflict and ensure durable societal transformations occur.  UNDP also works towards deepening gains made at the political and diplomatic level by providing strategic analysis, policy and programme support to the broader UN system and government partners.  UNDP’s interventions in conflict prevention and peacebuilding involve the following three substantive thematic areas:

Capacities for conflict prevention and management

UNDP supports setting up of regulatory frameworks and institutional mechanisms that help actors pre-empt future conflict, manage ongoing tensions, and reach political agreements. Building leadership capacities that engage civil society and marginalized communities, including women, to mitigate violence and reach shared agendas through participatory approaches forms the core of UNDP's conflict prevention approach.

Facilitation, dialogue and consensus building

UNDP supports government and key actors in setting up of inclusive and participatory mechanisms and structures for shared agenda setting, dialogue and consensus building, through accompaniment and support to national and local mediators, around key governance and peacebuilding issues.

Conflict analysis and assessment

UNDP supports the mainstreaming of conflict prevention in development within the UN system through conflict analysis and assessments. UNDP also supports the development of systems that allow for regular monitoring of conflict triggers and trends to enable early appropriate response.

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