Community Mobilization NAYCOM, Youth Food Distribution, Photo: UNDP in Sierra Leone

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,

Let me first thank our co-hosts, the Youth Envoy and all United Nations entities and youth organizations, for this fruitful collaboration and timely event on the United Nations Youth2030 Strategy.

UNDP is fully committed to all priority areas of the Strategy, and has supported youth empowerment in 100+ countries, through advocacy, research, networking and policy and programme support.

For instance, UNDP has:

1. Implemented an innovative ‘16x16 initiative’ in 2019-2020 with young leaders advancing #SDG16 in 16 countries;

2. Played an active role as part of the global coalition on youth, peace and security, including by supporting young people’s     leadership in peacebuilding at country level.

3. Collaborated with other sister entities, such as:

In the context of COVID-19, we have adapted our portfolio and 90+ UNDP offices have carried out youth activities in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, investing in youth-led organizations and networks. Our UNDP Youth & COVID-19 offer focuses on youth participation in inclusive and effective governance, youth social protection, youth role in green recovery and climate ambition, and youth leadership in digital solutions and innovation, in line with the ‘Beyond Recovery’ UNDP 2.0 offer.

We celebrate how youth have embodied courage, leadership and resilience in this crisis, despite new challenges.

UNDP remains fully committed to Youth2030 and its vision and will continue to do our best to support its smooth implementation. 

Thank you very much!

UNDP Around the world