Helen Clark: Talking points at High Level Leaders Roundtable: Changing People’s Lives from Delivering Aid to Ending Need

May 23, 2016

Syrian refugee children play in a Jordanian community as Zaatari camp is seen in the background, in the village of Zaatari, Jordan. Photo: Salah Malkawi/UNDP

•    The scale of humanitarian crises calls for greater coherence in the international community’s response. 

•    Greater coherence means working together across institutional boundaries, where appropriate, to anticipate and respond to crises better and ultimately to reduce need. 

•    To do this, humanitarian, peace, and development partners must all work differently, and be financed differently. 

SDGs and “Ending Need” 
•    In order to support achieving the 2030 Agenda and realize the aspiration of the Agenda for Humanity to ‘end need’, the UN’ s development actors can help to: 
•    reduce humanitarian needs through increased emphasis on disaster preparedness, risk reduction, and prevention; 
•    provide ongoing support for human development during times of protracted crisis; and
•    help people recover faster from crisis, by investing in inclusive sustainable development.

Coherent Analysis and Planning Frameworks
•    In order to achieve this shift, the UN development system will update its analytical and planning instruments, which are often too silo-ed.   
•    There is great value in conducting multi-dimensional joint analysis and planning by development, humanitarian and peacebuilding actors, using a multi-year framework.

•    Multi-year planning and response requires multi-year financing strategies and resource commitments. 

•    The UN development system is advocating for flexible, fungible, and innovative financing mechanisms to deliver collective outcomes. Donor flexibility and support for this is essential.

•    To prevent crises, to support people during crisis, and to mitigate, recover from and rebuild after disasters, our shared aim must be to strengthen local institutions and services and strengthen local ownership. By doing so we will save lives and advance sustainable development.
•    Every dollar invested in pursuing sustainable development and reducing the need for humanitarian relief matters.

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