Helen Clark: Statement on the signing of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Apr 22, 2016

At least 155 countries are expected to sign the Paris Agreement on 22 April – the most countries to ever sign an agreement in a single day in history. This demonstration of political will is a clear message that the threat of climate change cannot go unaddressed, and a signal that the commitments that emerged from Paris in December continue. We must leverage this momentum and push forward with ambitious climate action.

The implications of the signing – coupled with the fact that several countries have already moved to ratification – go beyond symbolism. It is likely that the Paris Agreement will now come into force much sooner than originally envisioned, and this will spur global action to transform economies, to invest in green energy, resilient infrastructure and agriculture, and to push for the protection of forests and landscapes. 

UNDP is encouraged by the commitment of the international community to tackle this global challenge and joins in the efforts that continue to drive this process forward. With over two decades of support on climate action, spanning renewable energy and energy efficiency, climate change adaptation, forest protection, and disaster risk reduction, UNDP is already working with our partners to jumpstart action on the Paris Agreement. This includes efforts to work with countries to achieve the targets that they have set out as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

The international community has adopted the Paris Agreement and is moving quickly to sign and ratify it. Let’s ensure that we are equally as quick and committed to turning the words of the Paris Agreement into action.


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