Life-saving medicines to reach 3,800 people living with HIV/AIDS

Apr 28, 2017

Photo: UNDP Moldova

Chisinau – The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) delivered its first batch of medicines under a new project designed to make sure the most vulnerable people get their treatments on time.

Based on an agreement with the Ministry of Health, UNDP is procuring USD 4.25 million worth of medicine and medical devices, in the framework of 8 national and special health programs, to treat HIV/AIDS, oncological, haematological diseases, tuberculosis, rare diseases, diabetes and other conditions. The first batch is valued at USD 328,000 and will benefit 3,800 people.

“The Ministry of Health, jointly with UNDP, are working to ensure the country's population has access to high-quality medicines at a reasonable price. Thanks to this partnership, we are now enjoying the first successes: a batch of medicines for patients living with HIV/AIDS has already arrived in Moldova, and the estimates show that once all the medicines envisaged under this health program are delivered, we could save 37 percent of the allocated budget, which means about USD 300,000” said Ruxanda Glavan, Minister of Health.

UNDP finalized the contracting for two out of the eight national and special health programs. All companies under the initiative have been selected following a competitive process, with domestic and foreign companies given a chance to participate. The evaluation and approval of costs for the other six programmes is ongoing. All tender results, reports on expenses, and list of purchased products have been made public. All procured medicines are World Health Organization-prequalified, according to quality standards.

UNDP remains the most transparent aid organisation in the world. The 2016 Aid Transparency Index recognized UNDP as the leading aid organisation among 46 international agencies, representing 98 per cent of Official Development Flows. The index is produced by Publish What You Fund, a non-profit organisation that advocates for and measures transparency.

“UNDP has a considerable worldwide experience in the field of public procurement and supply chain management. I am glad that this experience is now being harnessed in the Republic of Moldova, which will help increase the access for all patients to essential medicines. At the same time, we will contribute to strengthening the capacity of the national health system and to the modernization of the drug storage infrastructure. The ultimate objective of our efforts is to ensure that the Moldovan citizens receive the best medicines, as they deserve”, said Dafina Gercheva, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in the Republic of Moldova.

According to Ruslan Poverga, General Director of the NGO “Positive Initiative” – an organization of persons living with HIV/AIDS or vulnerable to them – lack of predictability in the supply of medicines is a death sentence for thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS. “I have lived with HIV for 19 years, having access to appropriate treatment. If I did not get assistance, I think I would have not been alive for long. Providing access to treatment is the best way to combat the spread of HIV and a solid investment to save many lives,” says Ruslan Poverga.

He also said any effort to save time and resources is extremely important for people living with HIV/AIDS. “UNDP has managed to purchase high-quality medicines necessary for people living with HIV/AIDS in limited time and at a favorable price, and we believe that this will have a lasting impact on the Moldovan health system,” said Ruslan Poverga.

According to official statistics, there is a cumulative number of over 11,000 cases of HIV registered in the Republic of Moldova. About 300 people die every year of causes related to this disease. Earlier this year, about 4,500 people received antiretroviral treatment. Without any proper medical treatment, the virus progresses to the stage of AIDS, which in most cases is fatal.

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