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    Released on the eve of the Paris climate change conference (COP21), this report – a mix of infographics and country case examples – outlines UNDP’s decades-long support to partner countries to tackle climate change.

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    With forty years of experience in the biodiversity and ecosystems field, working at the national level, UNDP is well placed to work with developing countries and countries in transition to achieve the Aichi Targets by 2020.

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Making the Case for Ecosystem-based Adaptation

Apr 21, 2016

Making the Case for Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Building on the Mountain EbA Programme in Nepal, Peru and Uganda, is a legacy document of the EbA Mountain Programme, delivered through a partnership between the German Government, UNEP,  UNDP and IUCN, together with the Governments of Nepal, Peru and Uganda.


The objective of the Programme was to strengthen the capacities of these countries to build ecosystem resilience for promoting EbA options and to reduce the vulnerability of communities, with particular emphasis on mountain ecosystems. The publication focuses on showcasing and capturing lessons learned on the process of making the case to government and other stakeholders for EbA to be included in broader adaptation strategies, and for the policy and finance shifts needed to bring this about. 




Photo Essays

  • Nepal: Challenging gender roles and crossing castes

    Highlights how broom grass cultivation not only helps generate adaptation benefits, but also provides an opportunity to enhance the livelihoods of participants from the Panchase Women’s Network. Programme-supported efforts have been integral in creating a stronger social bond between these women across traditional caste barriers. more 

  • Uganda: Saving time, saving trees

    Showcasing how the introduction of fuel-efficient cook stoves is generating multiple environmental, economic and social benefits. By significantly decreasing the need for fuel wood, the stoves help conserve and restore the fragile Mt Elgon ecosystems by reducing the deforestation, which in turn lowers the risk from severe landslides and decreased soil erosion that is hurting farm productivity. more 

  • Peru: Highland Rodeo

    The Lima town of Tanta, one of the most vulnerable to climate change according to environmental impact studies, is located in the Nor Yauyos-Cochas Landscape Reserve, which implements policies developed by UNDP through the Mountain Ecosystems-Based Adaptation Project. Vicuña management associated with the administration of livestock promotes the restoration of natural pastures and wetlands and the production of animal fibers, prevents soil erosion, contributes to water regulation, and also creates employment opportunities while boosting tourism.more 

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