MDGs Systematic Time-bound Evaluation of Performance and Systems (STEPS) Indicators

01 Oct 2009

Country performance is often assessed with regard to results, whether outputs or eventual outcomes. But if performance falls short, it has to be examined directly, not just through its consequences. If performance is to be improved, one has to know more about it, rather than just measuring the results.


The present report, elaborated by the MDG Support Team, within the Poverty Group (Bureau for Development Policies), aims at supporting countries to provide a more complete picture of progress toward the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). As such, the report proposes indicators of national performance for achieving the MDGs that would supplement the existing data on MDG targets and will allow countries to better focus on the process and inputs for achieving the goals.


Performance indicators--to be referred to here as STEPS indicators, for Systematic Time-bound Evaluation of Performance and Systems indicators—should allow better understanding of why particular countries are moving toward the MDGs more rapidly while others are falling short. Identifying the shortcomings of particular programs and the imbalances within them through STEPS indicators could help accelerate progress toward the MDGs.

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