UNDP Partnership with the Global Fund and Health Implementation Support - Annual Report 2016-2017

07 Aug 2017

The 2016-2017 Annual Report on UNDP’s partnership with the Global Fund --- and its health implementation programmes funded by other sources --- highlights the achievements and partnerships in responding to HIV, TB, malaria, and health more broadly. UNDP supports countries to implement large-scale health programmes—including reaching some of the most hard-to-reach populations and strengthening institutions to deliver essential services in challenging and high-risk country contexts. The partnership with the Global Fund has helped save 2.5 million lives and the health implementation work has grown to US$520 million in expenditure per year (2016) including all sources of funds, making a powerful contribution to Agenda 2030 and the commitment to ‘leave no one behind’.

Highlights include:

  • 65 million cases of malaria treated
  • 2 million people currently on HIV treatment
  • 750,000 pregnant women received antiretrovirals to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV
  • 870,000 cases of TB successfully treated

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