Strengthening National Capacity To Fight AIDS and Tuberculosis: A Case Study of UNDP’s Support to the Implementation of Global Fund Grants in El Salvador

21 Apr 2016

The transition in El Salvador to national management of Global Fund programmes is a concrete example of UNDP’s commitment to capacity development. Until recently, UNDP managed HIV and TB programmes financed by the Global Fund, while working to develop El Salvador’s institutions, systems and people to take over management themselves. From January 2015, for the first time, El Salvador was independently managing and implementing all Global Fund resources allocated to the country. This experience shows that, with sustained investments in infrastructure, process and people, a country emerging from a prolonged conflict can successfully rebuild national institutions, foster multisectoral engagement and implement innovated approaches to health, while also advancing human rights. These are critical elements which El Salvador can build upon to operationalize the recently-adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG 3, which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, and SDG 10 on reducing inequalities.


This case study is part of a series that highlights the partnership of UNDP and the Global Fund in achieving the dual goals of improving people’s health while developing the capacities of national partners. The study finds that the factors that led to the successful transition included a phased approach to handover of responsibilities; an inclusive approach to national strategic planning and financing; and a focus on the long-term sustainability of the national HIV and TB responses.

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