PAST SUCCESSES AND FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES: Case studies from the UNDP portfolio and innovative approaches to cooling without warming the planet

22 Nov 2017


The brochure, launched on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol covers examples of UNDP’s work in protecting the global ozone layer, advancing sustainable cooling solutions for and tackling climate change, and highlighting linkages to the Sustainable Development Goals. Through the joint efforts of our project counterparts in recipient countries, as well as close coordination with MLF and GEF Secretariats, UNDP’s cumulative portfolio of 2,496 projects and sector programmes in 120 countries amounting to $829.6 million has already eliminated 70,321 ODP tonnes per annum, generated cumulative climate benefits of 6.48 billion tonnes of CO2 eq. emissions, and catalyzed innovative solutions for environment-friendly alternatives as this report shows.

Since 1991, UNDP’s Montreal Protocol programme has proudly partnered with developing countries, supporting them to meet their obligations under the Protocol to protect and regenerate the ozone layer while improving energy efficiency. This report highlights select cases of this work, ranging from successful examples of technological innovation, to training and certification, as well as how South-South cooperation has helped advance this critical agenda.

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