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The Role of UNDP in Supporting Democratic Elections in Africa

Nov 15, 2015

Countries throughout Africa and around the globe are working to build democratic institutions and improve electoral processes in order to meet their citizens’ aspirations for democratic governance and advancing human development. Many African countries have made substantial progress in recent years in consolidating democratic practices. In support of these efforts, UNDP has actively pursued its mandate to assist in improving electoral processes.

For the past three decades, UNDP has been actively supporting elections all over the world, both in countries in transition from authoritarian rule and in stable democracies. During this period, UNDP assistance for elections in Africa has grown. In addition to government institutions, support has extended to civil society, the media, political parties and parliaments. The development and adoption of the “electoral cycle approach” to assistance by UNDP and its partners has sought to ensure support for all phases of an electoral process – before, during and after election day.