Promoting Gender Equality in Electoral Assistance

05 Feb 2015

Lessons Learned in a Comparative Perspective 2011 - 2013

This publication highlights good practices that enhance women’s meaningful and equal participation in the electoral process and identifies lessons learned on gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment initiatives in international electoral assistance programming.


It has been designed to fill a gap in knowledge on strategies to enhance women’s participation as voters and candidates in electoral assistance programming through country cases and analysis, as well as to position UNDP to better support country offices (and their partners) in mainstreaming gender equality and women’s empowerment throughout election assistance programming activities, and to contribute to the implementation of the broader UN policy framework of electoral assistance that, inter alia, seeks to increase women’s electoral and political participation.


The publication is divided into a main report, as well as five national case studies undertaken in Bolivia, Burundi, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, and Tunisia between 2011 and 2013.

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