Guidelines for enhancing the engagement and contribution of parliaments to effective development cooperation

Oct 5, 2020

Making the 2030 Agenda a reality will require a dramatic increase in the volume of aid and investment in financing for development overall, as well as an increase in the quality of all resources available for development and the effectiveness of development partnerships.
Parliaments and parliamentarians are valuable partners in ensuring the accountable, inclusive, participatory, and transparent governance that is necessary to achieve sustainable development for all. Parliaments in both developed and developing countries have a crucial legislative, budgetary and oversight role to play in the overall implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Within this context, their role in development cooperation is crucial to ensuring that governments are accountable for the decisions that they make about how resources – including aid – are spent.
Despite the recognition of the significant role of parliaments, parliamentary oversight of development cooperation remains weak. Against this background, this Guidance Note provides parliaments and parliamentarians and those who work with them with a common understanding and concrete ideas on what they can do to promote more effective and accountable use of aid in particular and of resources for development in general.

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