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UNDP's Rule of Law Global Programme Annual Report 2013; Strengthening the Rule of Law in Crisis-Affected and Fragile Situations


Nov 24, 2015

The rule of law lies at the centre of the relationship between society and the state. Measures to establish or strengthen the rule of law are the basis for creating accountability among people as well as between citizens and their governments.


Since 2008, UNDP has been a leader in supporting the rule of law in countries affected by crisis through its Global Programme to Strengthen the Rule of
Law in Crisis-Affected and Fragile Situations.


The 2013 Annual Report of the Global Programme highlights where UNDP continued to contribute to national and community efforts to improve justice
and security, building on the results achieved over the past six years. The report also reflects the strong push that UNDP made in 2013 to improve monitoring and evaluation of our programmes and to take into account the experiences and views of conflict victims.