Evaluation of UNDP's Support to Mobile Courts in Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Somalia

04 Nov 2014


This report consolidates the findings of a comparative evaluation commissioned by UNDP to assess results and identify good practices and lessons learned in supporting mobile courts through UNDP rule of law programmes in post-conflict settings. The report evaluates UNDP’s support to mobile courts in Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Somalia.

During the three country visits, interviews were conducted with over 90 key informants, including representatives of the judiciary, police and prison systems, members of civil society organizations, international partners, mobile court users and UNDP staff. In Sierra Leone and Somaliland, mobile court sessions were visited and observed.

The key purpose of the evaluation was to assess if mobile courts have improved justice service delivery in remote, conflict affected areas and if this occurred in a manner which focused on access to justice for the most vulnerable people.


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