UNDP Annual Report 2008/2009: Living up to its Commitments

Published on 10 May 2009 1.6MB

Document Summary

The report outlines steps taken in 2008 to assist countries in developing their capacities to respond to citizens’ needs and reports on concrete actions undertaken by UNDP to deliver on commitments made.  The demand from developing countries for capacity development support, especially in the area of developing local services, increased dramatically in 2008 as countries faced the fallout from the food, fuel and financial crises. As a result, UNDP responded to requests to facilitate capacity assessments and diagnostics in 65 programme countries in 2008. UNDP will stay the course as spelled out in the UNDP Strategic Plan 2008-2011 and focus its efforts on reducing poverty, promoting democratic governance, supporting crisis prevention and recovery efforts and achieving sustainable development results in energy and environment, efforts that are crucial to achieving the MDGs, both in times of economic crisis and prosperity.


  • In consultation with both individual governments and local people, UNDP initiated and scaled up respectively, programmes that focused on poverty reduction.
  • In 2008, UNDP endorsed a new climate change strategy, which supports the capacity of developing countries to make informed policy and investment decisions that help in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reduces poverty and accelerates the achievement of the MDGs.
  • In 2008, UNDP also contributed in administering resources on behalf of the United Nations through the Multi-Donor Trust Fund Office, which administers a portfolio that has grown to US$3.79 billion and encompasses 23 funds.

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