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Financing sustainable development: The critical role of risk and resilience

Apr 25, 2016

In 2015, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

and the Swiss Government hosted a series of events around

the financing of risk and resilience. This report is in part based

on a set of key messages crafted from the work of a technical

workshop featuring the involvement of experts from across

the aid and financing worlds (see Annex II for participants).

Subsequently, these messages were presented at a high-level

meeting in New York and at the Addis FfD conference itself.

Elaborating on some of these messages, this report is designed

to influence state actors, development finance practitioners

and private sector stakeholders. Data and examples are used

throughout for emphasis, but this report is not a comprehensive

analysis of the various risks, and the requirements, for building

resilience. It does however make the case that better risk

management and the building of resilience are imperative for

sustainable development.

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