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UNDP at the 10th World Urban Forum

The 10th World Urban Forum (WUF), the largest global urban conference happening in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 8-13 February 2020 takes into account some key actions towards addressing the challenges for…  

The Future of Asian & Pacific Cities

This report makes the case for four priorities and four approaches to realize a sustainable urban future in Asia and the Pacific.  

Is inclusive smarter than smart?

Concepts of Open Data/Gov and Smart Cities have gained traction in past years, but now raise the question 'smart for who?'  

Piecing together resilient cities

By 2030, 60% of people will make cities their home, coupled with the growing challenges ahead of us, we asked – how should future cities look like?  

The battle for sustainable development will be won in cities

Cities increasingly centre socio-economic activity against a rising vulnerability to climate risks. What sustainable and resilient cities can look like?  

Save energy, save money, save CO2 emissions

How can we achieve a transformation from inefficient lighting to the latest energy-efficient technologies? Egypt is showing how quickly it can be done.  

Curse or Cure? Leaving No One Behind in an Age of Technological Revolution

UNGA - UNDP Event - Curse or Cure? Leaving No One Behind in an Age of Technological Revolution  

Nature-Based Solutions for Water

This report demonstrates how nature‐based solutions offer a vital means to address many of the world’s water challenges while delivering benefits vital to all aspects of sustainable development.  

Meeting the urban finance challenge

Many of the investments needed to achieve the 2030 Agenda are made at the subnational level, especially by cities.  

Our cities are on the frontline of changing climate

By 2050 two out of every three people are likely to live in cities with continued growth in urbanization across the world.  

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