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Mainstreaming Gender into ABS Value Chains - Gender Toolkit

The UNDP-GEF Global Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Project's gender toolkit helps ABS professionals in the design of gender-responsive interventions to accelerate gender equality and women's…  

2020 Human Development Report to focus on meeting people’s aspirations in balance with the planet

COVID-19 and its unprecedented effects on human development are a wake-up call to the potential consequences for people’s wellbeing from the relentless pressure we are placing on nature and the…  

Global institutions unite for a green and fair COVID recovery

On World Environment Day, 5th June 2020, global institutions working on development, labour and environment have united around key actions for spurring a green, just and transformative recovery.  

Time #ForNature

A youth video campaign. Record a 30-60 second video answering this question and post it on social media using #ForNature and tagging @UNDP, @UNEP.  

In vast Angolan national park, rangers wear many hats

Manuel Sebastião Afonço has a lot to take care of: nearly 1 million hectares, to be exact.  

An epic trail comes to life in the Balkans

The Via Dinarica spans seven countries, fueling a booming tourist industry and cross-cultural understanding.  

Protected areas

UNDP recognises the potential of protected and conserved areas as powerful, nature-based solutions for addressing biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and for delivering a wide range of social…  

Sustainable land management

UNDP employs a nexus approach to combatting land degradation and securing a sustainable future, promoting integrated solutions to address land degradation with climate crisis, inequality, migration…  

Food and agricultural commodities systems

UNDP addresses the Global Food and Agricultural Commodities Systems (FACS) and has identified transformative pathways towards engendering system change.  

Wildlife and habitats

UNDP supports an integrated approach to address wildlife trafficking including diversified livelihoods, managing human-wildlife conflict, shared benefits with local communities and enforcement.  

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