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An epic trail comes to life in the Balkans

The Via Dinarica spans seven countries, fueling a booming tourist industry and cross-cultural understanding.  

Protected areas

UNDP recognises the potential of protected and conserved areas as powerful, nature-based solutions for addressing biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and for delivering a wide range of social…  

Sustainable land management

UNDP employs a nexus approach to combatting land degradation and securing a sustainable future, promoting integrated solutions to address land degradation with climate crisis, inequality, migration…  

Food and agricultural commodities systems

UNDP addresses the Global Food and Agricultural Commodities Systems (FACS) and has identified transformative pathways towards engendering system change.  

Wildlife and habitats

UNDP supports an integrated approach to address wildlife trafficking including diversified livelihoods, managing human-wildlife conflict, shared benefits with local communities and enforcement.  

Combatting land degradation - securing a sustainable future

This report articulates UNDP's response to the global land degradation challenge and our support to the implementation of the UNCCD Strategic Framework 2018-2030.  

Community Approaches to Sustainable Land Management and Agroecology Practices

Good practices from SGP support to community organizations to use approaches, techniques and methodologies in line with the principles of agroecology and climate-sensitive land resources management.  

Protecting land and biodiversity in Uruguay

How a country with high levels of private land ownership is protecting its natural landscape.  


2030 Agenda - Planet: protect the planet from degradation, through sustainable consumption and production, sustainably managing natural resources and taking urgent action on climate change.  

Groundbreaking new report underscores need for transformational change to safeguard life on earth

The Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services launched a groundbreaking report today showing an alarming decline in nature and its vital contributions to…  

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