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Development of national evaluation capacities can contribute to eradicating poverty, promoting prosperity and protecting our planet

Country-level evaluation capacities have a key role to play in helping the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), experts said here today at the largest evaluation conference to…  

A Socio-economic Impact Assessment of the Zika Virus in Latin America and the Caribbean

This assessment measures the socio-economic impacts of Zika on countries, families and communities, and examines institutional responses.  

Addressing the Development Dimensions of Drug Policy

Evidence shows that in many countries, drug control policies and related enforcement activities focused on reducing supply and demand have had little effect in eradicating production or problematic…  

In Viet Nam women and ethnic minorities take ownership to escape poverty

Community agreement and ownership of poverty reduction projects help empower women and ethnic minorities in Viet Nam.  

Kyrgyzstan: HIV patient advocates for antiretroviral therapy

A programme for people living with HIV in Kyrgyzstan aims to slow down the spread of infection, improving access to services and quality in prevention, treatment and care.  

Helen Clark Statement on World Aids Day

Multisectoral Action Framework for Malaria Launched Alongside 68th United Nations General Assembly

World leaders gathered today alongside the 68th United Nations General Assembly to launch an inclusive approach to fighting malaria, a disease which – despite tremendous advances – still kills an…  

Experts call for focus on social determinants to bolster malaria response

A global coalition of experts called this week for a broader response to malaria and expanded work to address the social and environmental factors that perpetuate it, saying the disease impedes…  

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