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High-Level meeting on Trends, Options and Strategies in Poverty Eradication Across the World

We are living through the most traumatic socio-economic crisis in modern times, both in terms of amplitude and depth, since the 1929 Great Depression.  

World Refugee Day 2020: Every Action Counts

COVID-19 has exposed the full extent of human vulnerability. Recent UNDP estimates show that the Human Development Index – a combined measure of the world’s education, health, and living standards –…  

UNDP launches standards for bond issuers and private equity funds seeking SDG impact

These Standards are the latest contribution of market-focused tools from SDG Impact, a flagship initiative of UNDP’s Finance Sector Hub, focused on accelerating investment to achieve the SDGs. The…  

Responding to COVID-19 Information Pollution

This note provides guidance to UNDP Country Offices on how to design rapid responses to information pollution and how to situate those in longer-term approaches.  

Russia and UNDP announce US$30m top-up in joint fund

The Russia-UNDP Trust Fund for Development replenishment comes at a crucial time in the global push to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.  

The "land between two rivers" adapts to its most recent challenge

Iraq has struggled with many challenges in recent decades; the emergence of a pandemic has added a new layer of complexity to its recovery.  

Using behavioural insights to respond to COVID-19

Young Arab leaders brainstorm ways to change behaviour in extreme circumstances.  

Seychelles dramatically expands its protected ocean

A major portion of its natural world will be significantly safeguarded to encourage sustainable development and fight climate change.  

SDGs in Crisis - Lessons Learned in Fragile Settings

This snapshot outlines common bottlenecks in SDG implementation, highlights promising practices and makes some early recommendations about persistent challenges that impede progress on the 2030 Agenda…  

On Earth Day, harnessing the power of nature to heal herself

How nations are protecting people from interconnected global crises.  

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