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What next for data at UNDP?

To address today’s most pressing development challenges, we must make better informed decisions.  

Re-envisioning climate action to sustain peace and human security

A combination of crisis, conflict, climate change and COVID-19 means that we live in truly unprecedented times.  

Distilling herbs with zero waste in eastern Serbia

A forward-thinking farmer develops a formula that allows him to give something to the environment in which he operates.  

OECD and UNDP launch a plan to align global finance with sustainable development

OECD and UNDP launched a plan today, at the Paris Peace Forum, to help public and private actors identify and prioritize investments contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.  

An important milestone for women, peace and security

Progress remains disappointingly slow.  

A knowledge partnership to help us build forward better

Can we emerge stronger, work more effectively together, and rise to the occasion?  

In Costa Rica, rural women grow their own businesses

Working with organic agriculture and native stingless honey bee production.  

Secondary impact modelling; long term learning from COVID-19

Using data to help countries plan, respond, and reduce risk.  

The value of local action in tackling our planetary emergency

Indigenous peoples and local communities offer the best hope for solutions to our planetary emergency.