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How to reverse a shrinking population

The multifaceted development challenge of depopulation.  

In Washington, UN Development Chief calls for strong coalition to finance sustainable development

On the eve of the ‘Decade of Action for the SDGs’, Achim Steiner underscores need for investing in long-term structural transformation.  

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Reflecting on the progress the world has made in eradicating poverty.  

Taking a lead role in defining impact

Planning the future of development finance.  

G20 Contribution to the 2030 Agenda

Mapping the essentials for a dignified life

Looking at poverty from every angle.  

Nigeria must lead on climate change

That climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity today is no longer in doubt.  

Using 'The Matrix' to feel climate change

Studies indicate that being able to experience the impact of climate change allows people to connect emotionally and make them more likely to act on.  

"Land as mother, forest as father, water as blood."

Winners of the 2019 Equator Prize honoured in New York.  

UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (SDG Summit)

UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development  

UNDP Around the world