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Climate change adaptation priorities help address everyday risks

Climate financing needs to be scaled up and targeted in a different manner.  

To end COVID-19, we must end discrimination and inequality

The pandemic is exposing and deepening existing inequalities.  

Chile builds increased trust in government

Ensuring that public funds are efficiently and effectively spent.  

The pace of action cannot be determined by the last to act

Seeking sustainability in the fashion industry.  

Advancing development by improving human mobility

Amidst a global pandemic, migrants face unprecedented challenges but also offer vital contributions as the world looks to regain lost ground.  

Gaining historical perspective, the Anthropocene and humanity trying to come of age

We are witnessing the emergence of global consciousness around the importance of humanity interdependence and interconnection.  

Presence anytime anywhere

The future of spatial computing.  

Can insurance-linked securities mobilize investment in climate adaptation?

The cost of adapting to climate change increases every year.  

Learning new skills in South Darfur

Displaced women retrain to support their families.  

Re-thinking governance in the Anthropocene

Governments are struggling to adapt in a time of unprecedented compounding of global crises.