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COVID-19 will change our lives and our way of working

What are the long-term effects of coronavirus and what could it mean for sustainable development?  

Something invisible has stopped us

It has entered our lives, our intimacy, identify, it has taken away our hugs and our greetings.  

World must work together to confront COVID-19

Notes from China.  

Protecting humanity’s safety net

The world is facing a biodiversity crisis. We have lost more than 60 percent of species populations in the last 50 years.  

The pequi trees of redemption

How the Kisêdjê people of Brazil went from the brink of collapse to successful entrepreneurs.  

Grief in the age of climate crisis

The new decade has dawned with an increasing sense of climate emergency.  

Facing complex challenges in Uruguay

Exploring integrated approaches that are better aligned with development needs.  

Reviving the Paraguay river

Protecting the biodiversity of the Banco San Miguel and Bahía de Asunción Ecological Reserve.  

The role of cities in a climate-resilient future

As cities take centre stage at the 10th World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi, we recognize the challenges and the opportunities.  

The promises and perils of digital health

The potential for technology to transform health care is tremendous but advances can threaten human rights.  

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