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UNDP launches new COVID-19 Data Futures Platform

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) launched today a new COVID-19 Data Futures Platform – an open access and interactive platform that aggregates multiple sources of information across UNDP and UN…  

Data Philanthropy, International Organizations and Development Policy: Ethical Issues to Consider

This paper seeks to highlight the normative risks that should be considered before entering into certain data philanthropy arrangements.  

SDGs in Crisis - Lessons Learned in Fragile Settings

This snapshot outlines common bottlenecks in SDG implementation, highlights promising practices and makes some early recommendations about persistent challenges that impede progress on the 2030 Agenda…  

Measuring the Economic Impact of Violent Extremism Leading to Terrorism in Africa

This study provides primary research on the economic cost and impact of violent extremism by looking at the economic cost of violent extremism focusing on 18 African countries.  

Methods for Mainstreaming Socio-economic Indicators and Results into UNDP Nature-based Portfolio

This guidance note offers a framework and practical guidance on the measurement of socioeconomic results by identifying relevant indicators and the instruments to attain the data and derive the…  

How to build a National Multidimensional Poverty Index

This handbook provides practical guidance for policymakers, statisticians, practitioners and others seeking or engaged in developing a national Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI).  

Using data to measure the SDGs in municipalities

Capturing the power of data to measure the SDGs.  

Tracking SDG progress in the Arab region is now available to everyone

As countries report on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) progress at the High-Level Political Forum, they need data to review their performance and identify priority areas for action.  

Voices from the Field - African Experiences in Producing Governance, Peace and Security Statistics

Lessons learned from African National Statistical Offices on producing governance-related statistics to monitor SDG16.  

Despite some progress, Marginalized Roma community still most excluded in Western Balkans

More marginalized Roma girls and boys are attending compulsory education in the Western Balkans than ever before. However, when compared to their non-Roma neighbours, Roma people face twice as high…