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Is good governance a necessary precursor to peace?

Examining the relationship between government performance and sustainable peace.  

Gaining historical perspective, the Anthropocene and humanity trying to come of age

We are witnessing the emergence of global consciousness around the importance of humanity interdependence and interconnection.  

Presence anytime anywhere

The future of spatial computing.  

Can insurance-linked securities mobilize investment in climate adaptation?

The cost of adapting to climate change increases every year.  

Learning new skills in South Darfur

Displaced women retrain to support their families.  

Five reasons to be optimistic about clean energy in 2021

The energy sector, still dominated by fossil fuels, is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. But change is coming.  

Re-thinking governance in the Anthropocene

Governments are struggling to adapt in a time of unprecedented compounding of global crises.  

Hardship for migrants on rise – as is appreciation for their COVID-19 response

International Migrants Day, 2020.  

Five years on; what are the NDCs and why are they important

The role of Nationally Determined Contributions in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Lessons for human rights in the socio-economic response to COVID-19

UNDP is committed to rights-based solutions.