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Human Rights Due Diligence and COVID-19: Rapid Self-Assessment for Business

This tool is designed to help businesses consider and manage the human rights impacts of their operations in the specific context of COVID-19. It presents key actions or considerations along three…  

Checklist for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Socio-Economic Country Responses to COVID-19

This checklist provides a list of potential actions, tools, and resources to ensure a human rights-based approach to socio-economic country responses to COVID-19.  

Discussing Human Rights, Rule of Law and the renewed social contract in the COVID-19 reality

This global network of Member states, United Nations and UNDP staff, public servants, NGOs, and individuals represents our collective commitment to strengthen the Rule of Law and Human Rights as we…  

Rule of Law and Human Rights: 2019 Annual Report Highlights

This brochure highlights results and activities of UNDP's Global Programme on Strenthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining peace and sustainable development.  

Rule of law and sustaining peace in times of COVID-19

The Global Focal Point for the Rule of Law provides a powerful tool to address deficits in countries in conflict and fragile settings.  

Facing down injustice in the age of a pandemic

Securing the social contract through accountability, trust and inclusion.  

2020 UNDP Annual Meeting: Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development

2020 UNDP Annual Meeting: Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights for Sustaining Peace and Fostering Development.  

Business and human rights

Supporting the internationally-accepted framework for standards and practices.  

Ensuring Access to Justice in the Context of COVID-19

This publication highlights some considerations and strategic entry points for practitioners in ensuring access to justice for all in the context of COVID-19.  

New UNDP–Sweden partnership will support governance, peacebuilding and resilience

Sweden and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have entered a US$19.3 million partnership to strengthen work on governance, peacebuilding, crisis, and resilience.