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Istanbul Mediation Conference

Statement delivered by Asako Okai at the Istanbul Mediation Conference, 'Peace Mediation in the New Normal' #UN75  

Tailoring the Socioeconomic Response to COVID-19 in Peacebuilding Contexts

We welcome the opportunity to amplify our recent and recurring engagement with the PBC in our role as the UN’s development voice in building sustainable pathways for peacebuilding and tackling…  

Measuring the Economic Impact of Violent Extremism Leading to Terrorism in Africa

This study provides primary research on the economic cost and impact of violent extremism by looking at the economic cost of violent extremism focusing on 18 African countries.  

UN transitions: Improving Security Council Practice in Mission Settings

This policy paper covers the role of the UN Security Council in mandating and overseeing UN transitions, typically as peace operations are drawn down or significantly reconfigured.  

Strengthening social cohesion: Conceptual framing and programming implications

This Guidance Note seeks to clarify the social cohesion conceptual framework and provide knowledge and practical guidance in assessing and designing effective programs/projects- identifying…  

Next Generation Women, Peace and Security

These case studies chronicle how women and gender activists from N-Peace are using social innovation to respond to ongoing conflict and peacebuilding contexts, whilst rising to address emerging…  

Parliament as partners supporting women peace and security agenda

This Handbook provides guidance to parliamentarians on their role in supporting the Women Peace and Security agenda.  

New UNDP–Sweden partnership will support governance, peacebuilding and resilience

Sweden and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have entered a US$19.3 million partnership to strengthen work on governance, peacebuilding, crisis, and resilience.  

Joint UNDP-DPPA Programme on Building National Capacities for Conflict Prevention - Annual Report 2018

This Annual Report presents an overview of the engagement of the Joint UNDP-DPPA Programme on Building National Capacities for Conflict Prevention in 2018.  

Deployments - 2018

407 experts deployed to 87 countries worldwide in 2018 to support crisis preparedness, response and recovery  

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