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UNDP announces USD200,000 recovery package of technical assistance to the Bahamas

UNDP has released an initial allocation of $200,000 USD of emergency funding in response to the devastating impact of category five hurricane Dorian.  

How to stop deadly outbreaks of diseases like Ebola

Building resilient health systems is just as important as developing new technologies to address the health challenges faced by the world’s most vulnerable populations.  

UNDP ready to support the Bahamas to recover from devastating Hurricane Dorian

UNDP has deployed staff to support the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the Caribbean Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA) and to support the people and government of…  

UNDP mobilizes over US$60 million post Cyclones Idai and Kenneth

To upscale support to the most affected people by Cyclones Idai and Kenneth, UNDP has mobilized over US$60 million within six months of these unprecedented disasters to help Malawi, Mozambique and…  

UNDP and Mozambique Government launch post disaster recovery facility for Cyclones Idai and Kenneth

UNDP and the Government of Mozambique today formally signed an agreement for UNDP Recovery Facility that will help fast track recovery and build resilience following the devastation unleashed by…  

Deployments - 2016

336 experts deployed to 78 countries worldwide in 2016 to support crisis preparedness, response and recovery  

Deployments - 2017

388 experts deployed to 81 countries worldwide in 2017 to support crisis preparedness, response and recovery  

Deployments - 2018

407 experts deployed to 87 countries worldwide in 2018 to support crisis preparedness, response and recovery  

Financing the Nexus - Gaps and opportunities from a field perspective

This study maps and analyses existing humanitarian and development funding flows and mechanisms in Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ukraine and Uganda, and…  

Cyclones Idai and Kenneth: International partners pledge support for reconstruction and resilience building for Mozambique

An international pledging conference in the central Mozambique city of Beira has concluded with development partners committing financial and technical resources to support recovery interventions.  

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