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Managing climate and disaster risk in fragile states

Natural hazards hit all countries but people living in least developed countries and fragile states, often affected by conflict, feel them most severely.  

Annual Session of the Executive Board 2019

Statement at the Annual Session of the Executive Board  

Mozambique Cyclone Idai Post-Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA)DNA

This report on Mozambique Cyclone Idai summarizes damage, loss and recovery needs across 16 socio-economic sectors and discusses a recovery strategy.  

Risk-Informed Development

Risk-informed development is a risk-based decision process that enables understanding of multiple concurrent threats and complex risks to and arising from development decisions and acting on that…  

Risk-informed development: from crisis to resilience

How risk-informed development can insulate countries from crises, political strife, droughts, and other shocks.  

Cyclones Idai and Kenneth: Mozambique Government convenes international pledging conference

Mozambique will host an International Pledging Conference to secure support for reconstruction following the devastation caused by cyclones Idai and Kenneth.  

Taking Stock of the Progress in Implementing Sendai Framework

Remarks by Asako Osai at the Sixth Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva  

Recovering livelihoods after disaster strikes

How Peruvian weavers got back to work following disastrous floods.  

Recovery: Challenges and Lessons

This publication highlights the growing impact of disasters on people, communities and economies  

Stocktaking of Sendai Framework targets: Making Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery Inclusive and Accessible for All

Government representatives, development practitioners and humanitarian actors from around the world will meet in Geneva next week at the Sixth Session of the Global Platform for Disaster Risk…  

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