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An urgent World Water Day call to action

Promoting Indigenous solutions for water security amid the climate crisis.  

Consideration for Integrating Nature-Based Solutions in Nationally Determined Contributions Illustrating the Potential Through REDD+

Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) is a key nature-based solution (NBS) for the forest sector. Drawing on lessons from UNDP’s support to REDD+ countries over the past…  

COVID-19 and crisis contexts one year on: What have we learnt? How can we fast-track recovery?

Statement delivered by Haoliang Xu as part of UNDP's Development Dialogues: Rethinking solutions to crisis in the Decade of Action series  

Why International Financial Institutions matter for COVID-19 recovery

A critical lifeline is being extended to countries that need it most.  

Launch of the Regional Climate Weeks 2021

Statement delivered by Haoliang Xu at the high-level opening of the Regional Roundtables to launch the Regional Climate Weeks 2021  

Gender Disaster Management and the Private Sector

This document presents the importance of gender in the private sector and disaster management, and the connections between them. Developed as a starting point to a new thematic area for the Connecting…  

UNDP Support for Climate Change Adaptation

Remarks by Haoliang Xu, Management Response at the Executive Board Evaluation Session on UNDP Support for Climate Change Adaptation.  

Global Fund for Coral Reefs launches fundraising campaign

The Global Fund for Coral Reefs (GFCR) is pleased to announce that Germany, the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation, and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, UN Agencies (UNDP, UNEP and UNCDF) and…  

World’s largest survey of public opinion on climate change: a majority of people call for wide-ranging action

UNDP's "Peoples' Climate Vote" reflects over half the world's population after results processed by the University of Oxford. Sixty-four percent of people believe climate change is a global emergency,…  

The Peoples' Climate Vote

With 1.2 million respondents, the Peoples' Climate Vote is the largest survey of public opinion on climate change ever conducted. Using a new and unconventional approach to polling, results span 50…