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Digital Livelihoods for People on the Move

This research, commissioned as part of the Migrant Union initiative, examines the nexus of forced dis¬placement, the changing nature of work, and liveli¬hoods. It examined whether specific …  

Powering change in Vanuatu

A tiny South Pacific island gets a new lease on life with solar energy.  

No development without safety for all

How the SDGs address violence against women.  

"Now that we own our land we can protect it."

Working on climate change with the Hadzabe people of northern Tanzania, one of the world's oldest communities.  

Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall

Born in an age of uncertainty, young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine and Georgia reflect on patriotism, freedom and opportunity.  

Protecting livelihoods and nature on Inle Lake

Changing direction on Myanmar's second largest lake, under threat from climate change and unsustainable farming.  

Climate leadership in one of the most challenging corners of the world

What the Arab States are doing to create a sustainable future.  

Recovery takes root in Myanmar

Rice farmers recover from devastating floods.  

How can we all hear that the world is on fire?

How UNDP's Green Commodities Programme builds safe spaces to tackle climate change.  

Weaving past and future

How a remote Indonesian community has revived a dying tradition.  

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