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Youth Solutions Report 2020

This Fourth Edition of the Solutions Report is composed of a comprehensive analysis of the 50 solutions, showcasing the problems, solutions, and impacts addressed by 25 non-profits and 25 for-profit…  

UNDP Gender Seal Awards 2018-2020

Closing remarks by Haoliang Xu at the UNDP Gender Seal Certification Award (2018-2020) Ceremony.  

Gender Equality Seal for UNDP entities

The Gender Equality Seal incentivizes UNDP Country Offices to integrate gender equality into all aspects of their development work.  

Learning new skills in South Darfur

Displaced women retrain to support their families.  

Enabling entrepreneurs in Peru

Supporting small businesses as they weather the pandemic.  

Can integrated SDG investments lift 146 million people from extreme poverty by 2030?

The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to reset how we live, interact, create policies, and make decisions.  

Futures Literacy Summit

Opening Remarks by Haoliang Xu for the UNESCO High Level Futures Literacy Summit.  

Five reasons to be optimistic about climate action

Why the Paris Agreement remains as important as ever.  

Transformational partnerships for peace, resilience and gender equality

Affirming the power of partnerships for advancing and reshaping the agenda for women, peace and security.  

Understanding what data tell us about COVID-19’s socio-economic impact

Hard-won pathways to peace and prosperity are being reversed in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.