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UNDP Climate Security Nexus and Prevention of Violent Extremism

This policy brief explores initial lessons learnt from a climate security perspective of efforts to prevent violent extremism in politically and environmentally fragile contexts affected by climate…  

Guidelines for enhancing the engagement and contribution of parliaments to effective development cooperation

Making the 2030 Agenda a reality will require a dramatic increase in the volume of aid and investment in financing for development overall, as well as an increase in the quality of all resources…  

Supporting developing countries to increase tax revenues despite COVID-19 challenges

The international community continues to make progress towards strengthening developing countries' ability to effectively tax multinational enterprises, despite the adverse impact of the COVID-19…  

World peace is not only possible but inevitable

To accept that the individual, the community, and the institutions of society are the protagonists of civilization building, and to act accordingly, opens up great possibilities for human happiness…  

The role of technology and anti-corruption measures in fighting COVID-19

Technology and anti-corruption measures have a mutually reinforcing relationship, which has been consolidated by COVID-19.  

International Democracy Day

Reflections on the unique circumstances we find ourselves in this year and the consequences COVID-19 is having on governance, state-society relations, and human rights.  

Elections: A first step towards democracy

Ensuring greater citizen participation to guarantee more inclusive elections in the world is one of the aspirations of the partnership that has been uniting UNDP and the European Union for the last 15…  

Lebanon's anti-corruption movement gains momentum

Beirut explosion increases demand for positive change.  

Integrating Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption in Socio-Economic Impact Analyses

This guidance note provides a practical methodology, including checklist questions, on how to integrate transparency, accountability and anti-corruption in social and economic needs assessment and…  

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