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In Uzbekistan, UN agencies, banks, governments work to rebuild after pandemic

Seventeen UN agencies and six IFIs are working together in Uzbekistan to address COVID-19’s devastating impacts on the Central Asian republic—creating jobs, re-skilling migrant workers, delivering…  

Uzbekistan’s health care system, economy hit hard by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and measures to contain it have hit Uzbekistan hard, cutting exports and remittances, straining government coffers, and forcing most small businesses across the Central Asian…  

The women who want to be free

Widening educational and employment opportunities for Afghan women.  

Turning the tide

Looking at new ways to bring life back to the Aral Sea.  

Thinking outside the (Climate) Box

Helping young leaders to take climate action.  

The future is female

All over the world, and in all walks of life, women are creating, designing, and innovating to make better lives.  

"Our motivation was our brother."

Two sisters use innovation to help families--including their own--living with a Down Syndrome child.  

Eurasia’s off-the-radar communities find a spotlight in new online magazine

From farmers protecting their homes close to the Aral Sea, to the rebirth of Belarus’s Jewish community, “Voyages” goes in search of under-reported tales of struggle and resolve.  

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