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Human Rights Due Diligence and COVID-19: Rapid Self-Assessment for Business

This tool is designed to help businesses consider and manage the human rights impacts of their operations in the specific context of COVID-19. It presents key actions or considerations along three…  

Staying afloat in rural Serbia

The impact of coronavirus on farming communities.  

Distilling herbs with zero waste in eastern Serbia

A forward-thinking farmer develops a formula that allows him to give something to the environment in which he operates.  

Understanding digital nomads

Encouraging expatriates to live and work in Serbia.  

Getting COVID-19 supplies to Serbia

With even the world’s most advanced economies experiencing a lack of medical supplies, the odds were against a small country.  

How COVID-19 fosters support and solidarity

Serbians are witnessing many inspiring acts of solidarity during the coronavirus health crisis.  

Tackling the long-term impact of coronavirus in Europe and Central Asia

UNDP is working to make sure the most vulnerable are not left behind.  

An epic trail comes to life in the Balkans

The Via Dinarica spans seven countries, fueling a booming tourist industry and cross-cultural understanding.  

How to address a shrinking population

Tackling a multi-faceted development challenge.  

How extreme weather increases inequality

The two cyclones that hit southeastern Europe in 2014 resulted in a dramatic increase in women's unpaid work, as well as gender-based violence.