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In Kyrgyzstan a tourist village waits for visitors to return

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the enterprising people of Sary-Mogol had built a popular destination.  

UNDP photos of the year 2020

UNDP photographers document our many-faceted response to the coronavirus pandemic.  

COVID-19 comes as a double blow to those living with HIV

Health authorities in Kyrgyzstan provide essential support to vulnerable people.  

An important milestone for women, peace and security

Progress remains disappointingly slow.  

Kyrgyz Republic could see GDP plunge 10 percent as a result of COVID-19, as domestic violence surges

The COVID-19 pandemic and measures to contain it have caused joblessness and domestic violence to spike in the Kyrgyz Republic, with GDP expected to sink by 10 percent in 2020, according to a new…  

Driving innovation in fleet management through Internet of Things

A new solution devised by Microsoft and UNDP uses the Internet of Things technology to connect vehicle fleets. Thus, country offices and field operations can pursue their mission while reducing…  

What's happening to the middle class in Eastern Europe?

A look at the trends in income disparity since the fall of the Berlin Wall.  

Launch of the Global Parliamentary Handbook on Women, Peace and Security

Members of parliament have an important role to play as peacebuilders.  

Thinking outside the (Climate) Box

Helping young leaders to take climate action.  

Sound Chemicals and Waste Management for Sustainable Development

This brochure highlights the results, lessons learned, and human impact from selected GEF-funded UNDP projects to implement the Stockholm Convention on POPs.