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Mounting a digital defence in the fight against coronavirus

A look at the way technology can meet the many challenges thrown up by a global pandemic.  

The mountain where wishes come true

UNDP support helps farmers diversify in Azerbaijan.  

"Where my carpet is, there is my house."

UNDP support encourages an ancient and revered tradition to thrive in Azerbaijan.  

New paths for eco-driving

As millennials become more and more ecologically conscious, companies around the world are looking for innovative solutions to make their vehicles more energy-efficient and promote energy efficiency…  

Learning to restore and protect Azerbaijan's farmlands

In the rural villages of Azerbaijan, UNDP is working with farmers to establish sustainable land management practices, improve soil fertility, and prevent erosion and landslides.  

Middle class in Eastern Europe and Central Asia tripled in size since 2001

The middle class in Eastern Europe and Central Asia swelled from about 33 million people in 2001 to 90 million in 2013, a UNDP study says.  

‘Bad girls’ no more: Azerbaijani women claim a role in public life

A UNDP project helps stimulate economic activity among rural women and strengthen their role in local decision-making.  

Managing droughts and floods in Azerbaijan

Reducing the vulnerability of mountain communities in Azerbaijan requires improved management of water resources and adaptation to the impacts of climate change.  

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