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Uzbekistan’s health care system, economy hit hard by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and measures to contain it have hit Uzbekistan hard, cutting exports and remittances, straining government coffers, and forcing most small businesses across the Central Asian…  

Treating the forest like family

In Armenia, potecting an important source of water and biodiversity.  

Driving innovation in fleet management through Internet of Things

A new solution devised by Microsoft and UNDP uses the Internet of Things technology to connect vehicle fleets. Thus, country offices and field operations can pursue their mission while reducing…  

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, study projects deepening pandemic impact

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are widening and deepening in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with almost half of survey respondents in hard-hit sectors saying they expect their businesses will close within…  

A crisis within a crisis; when a pandemic creates violence

In Albania, as in many countries around the world, the pandemic has intensified gender-based violence.  

Getting COVID-19 supplies to Serbia

With even the world’s most advanced economies experiencing a lack of medical supplies, the odds were against a small country.  

A pandemic allows for a "what if" moment

How to champion biodiversity as the world stands still.  

Fast-Tracking the SDGs: Driving Asia-Pacific Transformations

This report explores six transformative entry points that can help the region achieve the SDGs, including in the context of efforts to respond to the pandemic. It highlights strategies deployed in…  

"Together we will win."

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, a toymaker changes direction.  

How COVID-19 fosters support and solidarity

Serbians are witnessing many inspiring acts of solidarity during the coronavirus health crisis.  

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