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The 'whole of islands' approach

Einstein pointed out that “the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.” When sea-levels rise, resources run thin and politics enters the conversation, however, our…  

Samoa kicks off climate adaptation project to benefit 1 in 3 citizens facing flood risk

The Government of Samoa, with the support of UNDP and Green Climate Fund, has launched a new climate change adaptation project that will benefit nearly 30 percent of the population. Led by the…  


In 2014, Australia was UNDP’s 10th core contributor with 36,212,579 USD.  

Back on the land for Nepalese farmers

UNDP’s Rapid Enterprise and Livelihoods Recovery Project supports microentrepreneurs to restore their livelihoods after the earthquake.  

In Bangladesh, radio saves the day

Through capacity building and training, UNDP has helped foster the role of community radio and its role in early warning systems.  

Clearing the way for development in Lao PDR

The presence of UXO hinders socioeconomic development in Lao PDR, a country that is slowly emerging from Least Developed Country status. In 2010, reducing the impact of UXO became specialized…  

Young women encouraged to join national police of Timor-Leste

A capacity building project aims to improve governance by strengthening the management and administrative capacity of PNTL and support gender mainstreaming in all PNTL processes.  

Sri Lanka: Women look to the future with optimism

Villagers and organisations affected by three decades of conflict in Sri Lanka receive training and acquire leadership skills to initiate income generating projects. The programme focuses on…  

Marshall Islands: Protecting drinking water from drought and sea level rise

Une pénurie en eau potable aggravé par le changement climatique a conduit les îles Marshall à agir pour augmenter l'accès à et la qualité de l'eau potable  

Clearing mines in Cambodia

In a country that has long suffered from the effects of civil conflicts, intensive de-mining efforts, with help from UNDP, have contributed to a steady decline in casualties caused by landmines or…  

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