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In Pursuit of Resilience

Designing, implementing and monitoring policies and programmes for sustainable development is particularly challenging in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. Against this underlying fragility,…  

The far-reaching falllout of COVID-19

At this year's Photoville exhibit in New York City, UNDP showcases the work of eight leading photographers as they document the effects of a pandemic.  

Giving vulnerable Bangladeshis the resources to cope with climate change

A densely populated, low-lying country dominated by floodplains, the country is exceptionally vulnerable to extreme weather.  

Turning up Afghanistan's solar power capacity

Solar mini-grids to provide cheap and reliable electricity.  

Rapid Livelihood Assessment: Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis in the Maldives

The rapid assessment aimed to understand the extent and nature of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the Maldivian economy, specifically on employment and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises…  

In Afghanistan, COVID-19 demands warring sides unite against a common enemy, UNDP report says

The COVID-19 pandemic so gravely threatens already impoverished Afghanistan that warring factions should do “whatever it takes” to defuse conflict and transparently redirect resources to invest in…  

Meaningful work for those on the margins of poverty

A programme in Nepal helps struggling informal workers.  

The communities who protect the world's rarest buffalo

Indigenous people in the Philippines fight to save the critically endangered tamaraw.  

How We Worked from Home

Findings from the Work From Home (WFH) experience in response to the COVID-19 global health crisis in Malaysia  

"It's my bank for my children's future."

Restoring small farms and forests in Samoa.  

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