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Protecting young startups during COVID-19

Seventy two percent of young people think corruption is holding back their country.  

Coming out of coronavirus with more compassion and resilience

Lessons and opportunities for India.  

Pandemic threatens Afghanistan’s health system, economy, and peace process, UNDP study finds

Afghanistan faces grave challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which threatens to undermine the country’s peace process, overwhelm its health care system, and slash economic output 17…  

Five ways to keep remittances flowing in COVID-19

Remittances account for more than 10 percent of GDP in 30 countries. It's essential to make them easier to send and receive.  

In Nepal, multiple sectors, economic growth slammed by pandemic and lockdown, study finds

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown to contain it have hit Nepal’s tourism, entertainment, and transport sectors hard, slamming projected economic growth and pushing three in every five…  

Rapid Livelihood Assessment: Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis in the Maldives

The rapid assessment aimed to understand the extent and nature of impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the Maldives and support timely economic recovery planning. The first phase of the assessment…  

Position Note on Economic Aspects of Climate Change

This position note explains the need to align macro-level and micro-level policies to avoid massive climate change and explores specific policy instruments to do so. It stresses that a globally stable…  

Addressing the COVID-19 economic crisis in Asia through social protection

The COVID-19 crisis and its widespread impacts demonstrate the need to reform current social security systems in Asia. It is essential that countries build modern, comprehensive and universal systems…  

The growing urgency of shifting to a low carbon economy

As we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we must also heed the warnings of our warming world. The imperative to change our societies in ways compatible with the boundaries our planet has set.  

After coronavirus; building a stronger, fairer India

The coronavirus COVID-19 has exposed, in the starkest way possible, non-inclusive and unsustainable growth in all countries.  

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