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Climate leadership in one of the most challenging corners of the world

What the Arab States are doing to create a sustainable future.  

Five plans for carbon neutrality

A look at those taking the lead in setting bold goals to curb climate change.  

Blue Economy, Community Solutions

This publication includes examples across different continents, ecosystems and cultures of priorities of livelihoods and conservation in combination.  

Women as Environmental Stewards - The Experience of the Small Grants Programme

This publication features women as environmental stewards in case studies about biodiversity conservation, climate change, land degradation, international waters and chemicals and waste management.  

RBAS Management Meeting 2019

I am very happy to be with you here enjoying the generous hospitality of the kingdom of Morocco in the city of Tangier which is often referred to as the “Bride of the North” -- and one of the oldest…  

National Adaptation Plan process in focus: Lessons from Morocco

A brief on process and formulation of the National Adaptation Plan in Morocco including lessons learned.  

New UN report highlights the impact of climate action in advancing Sustainable Development Goals.

UNDP today formally launched the 2nd edition of its flagship report on climate change, this time focusing on the impact of climate change on development gains. Specifically, the report, ‘UNDP and…  

Proper funding needed for transition toward climate-resilient zero-carbon economies, says UN Development Programme in run-up to international climate meeting

The international community must secure “proper funding” for a successful transition toward climate-resilient, zero-carbon economies, the UN Development Programme’s Jo Scheuer said at a meeting today…  

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