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Young Libyan entrepreneurs help children learn online

E-learning gets a boost from a UNDP-trained tech startup.  

How to soften the impact of coronavirus during conflict

A coordinated UN response plan supports Libyans already besieged by crisis.  

A crisis on top of a crisis; the fragility of Arab states

Tailoring a coronavirus response to a region already suffering from conflict, displacement, and weak health systems.  

Light, life, and peace in Libya

The recent Berlin Summit has opened a new window of opportunity to build a peaceful and inclusive state.  

Breathing new life into sustainable development

Finding ways to help Libya move past more than a decade of conflict.  

"We were sitting on broken chairs."

Following conflict in Libya a vital free clinic gets up and running.  

Mapping the essentials for a dignified life

Looking at poverty from every angle.  

"Everything has changed for good."

After years of disruption and overcrowding, a Libyan music teacher finally gets a dedicated space for instruction.  

"When I returned to school, I was overwhelmed with joy."

With UNDP help, a young Libyan boy gets his dearest wish--to continue his education.  

SDG 16 as an accelerator for the 2030 Agenda

UNDP is working with a broad alliance to highlight the importance of peace, justice and strong institutions.  

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