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In Jordan, survey finds most struggle to meet basic needs and access health care under lockdown

As COVID-19 has threatened to overwhelm the country’s health services, UNDP is working with partners to contain and treat the virus with improved medical waste management, additional personal…  

Recycling waste and creating opportunities for women

For a community in Jordan a new recycling centre represents more than just work.  

Building social bonds in Jordan

UNDP backs an initiative which addresses the economic and social needs of women.  

Justice for all - translating commitment to action

Reviewing SDG 16 and what it truly means to achieve justice for all.  

What happens next

Responding to disasters and building for the future.  

Donors pledge US$7 billion for Syrians and neighbouring countries

Delegates to a conference co-hosted by the European Union and United Nations in Brussels has pledged some US$7 billion to reach 21.2 million people in Syria and neighbouring countries.  

"We have found our entrepreneurial spirit."

As the Brussels III Conference on the Future of Syria and the Region commences, UNDP urges partners to join us in supporting 5.6 million refugees and 3.9 million vulnerable members of host…  

How parliaments can work with women to create peace

The understanding of the role of gender in conflict prevention and peacebuilding has grown greatly in the past 20 years.  

Closing the green finance gap

Climate finance has emerged as one of the greatest opportunities for Arab states to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.  

How to slay a dragon

A new podcast, the Colour of Innovation, showcases innovation success stories in the Arab world.