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First Regular Session of the UNDP Executive Board

I welcome you to this first regular session of the UNDP Executive Board in 2020  

Sahel, a region of opportunities

Harnessing potential, talent, and energy.  

United Nations Capital Development Fund

Introductory Statement at the Executive Board Annual Session  

Realizing the African dream

UNDP supports 216 active climate change adaptation projects in 45 countries in Africa. Our story takes a look at 15 years of results.  

International Volunteer Day

Administrator’s Statement on International Volunteer Day - 5 December  

Political will and sustained financing needed to ensure Africa’s poor are not left behind

The strong political will of Africa’s leaders is needed to ensure increased and sustained financing for social protection initiatives, if the continent is to lift millions of people out of poverty and…  

Africa women MPs discuss ways to boost numbers in political sphere

African women Members of Parliament see political will, financing and enhancing education opportunities as some of the ways to increase the participation of women in the political sphere.  

UNDP steps up its support for sound public finance in Africa

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) will train a diverse range of partners during the second phase of a comprehensive programme designed to mobilize tax revenues and improve budget…