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Voices with identity

Deyanira Mishari has an unusual job for an indigenous Peruvian woman—she’s Head of the San Matias-San Carlos Protection Forest.  

"Where my carpet is, there is my house."

UNDP support encourages an ancient and revered tradition to thrive in Azerbaijan.  

Wetlands give life

Uganda's wetlands are the jewels in the country's ecosystem. Preserving them is critically important.  

Peace of mind in the path of storms

Viet Nam is one of the top ten countries most affected by climate change. It has had more frequent and unpredictable extreme weather in recent years, with disastrous and often deadly consequences.  

People-powered climate adaptation

In Nepal warmer temperatures are filling lakes with glacial water, which is endangering thousands of people.  

"The marrow of Nature"

World Wetlands Day celebrates the often-unheralded role that wetlands play in protecting the earth.  

10 things to know about indigenous peoples

This year we celebrate the International Year of Indigenous Languages, and the contributions of indigenous people to global culture.  

Jamaica's 'Jurassic Park' moment

In 1990, Edwin Duffus, a pig hunter, walked into the Hope Zoo in Kingston, Jamaica and handed over a large lizard his dog had retrieved while hunting in Hellshire Hills.  

A fair deal for Ecuadorian cacao farmers

Farmers will benefit from an innovative programme to develop the world’s first blockchain shared-value chocolate.  

Providing work and saving money

A UNDP programme ensures no wastage as Indonesian families rebuild after a severe earthquake.  

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