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PVE and Strengthening Social Cohesion

As COVID-19 spreads, it is youth who are reaching out to vulnerable neighbours and volunteering to help the marginalized.  

Project Launch: Business and Human Rights - Towards A Decade of Global Implementation

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a shattering impact on livelihoods and jobs; up to 100 million persons could be pushed into extreme poverty and 400 million people could lose their jobs.  

The Future of Business and Human Rights for People, Planet and Peace

Statement delivered by Asako Okai, Annual Event on the Rule of Law and Human Rights, Launch of B+HR Global Initiative and closing remarks.  

High-Level meeting on Trends, Options and Strategies in Poverty Eradication Across the World

We are living through the most traumatic socio-economic crisis in modern times, both in terms of amplitude and depth, since the 1929 Great Depression.  

Discussing Human Rights, Rule of Law and the renewed social contract in the COVID-19 reality

This global network of Member states, United Nations and UNDP staff, public servants, NGOs, and individuals represents our collective commitment to strengthen the Rule of Law and Human Rights as we…  

Tri-Partite partnership meeting to support National Human Rights Institutions in 2020

Statement delivered by Asako Okai at the opening session of the tri-Partite partnership meeting to support National Human Rights Institutions in 2020  

World Refugee Day 2020: Every Action Counts

COVID-19 has exposed the full extent of human vulnerability. Recent UNDP estimates show that the Human Development Index – a combined measure of the world’s education, health, and living standards –…  

Tailoring the Socioeconomic Response to COVID-19 in Peacebuilding Contexts

We welcome the opportunity to amplify our recent and recurring engagement with the PBC in our role as the UN’s development voice in building sustainable pathways for peacebuilding and tackling…  

Annual Session of the UNDP Executive Board

Annual Session of the UNDP Executive Board  

Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace

Institution Building and System-Wide Engagement for Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace  

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