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Digital sprints; new and faster ways of creating ideas

The world is changing fast and UNDP must adapt and change with it.  

Facing complex challenges in Uruguay

Exploring integrated approaches that are better aligned with development needs.  

Breathing new life into sustainable development

Finding ways to help Libya move past more than a decade of conflict.  

Discovering viable alternatives to plastic straws

Cambodia's Accelerator Lab is on the hunt for a non-polluting alternative.  

Connecting the bond market to social impact

How green bonds can address climate change.  

Dealing with electronic waste in developing countries

Helping Tanzania to establish systematic collection and processing of phones and tablets.  

Reviving the pocket parks of Nepal

UNDP's Accelerator Lab cleans up abandoned spaces.  

2019's top multimedia stories and blogs

Looking back on our most-read content.  

Why development results should no longer be concrete

It’s not just plastic. Concrete must also make way for nature-based 21st Century development solutions.  

Urbanizing Africa; avoiding pitfalls and embracing opportunities

Planning for a future where 1.2 billion Africans live in cities.  

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