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Taking a lead role in defining impact

Planning the future of development finance.  

No more 'make, take and dispose'

Promoting the benefits of a circular economy.  

Digital technologies are revolutionizing global development, UNDP chief says

New digital technologies are emerging and converging faster all the time and offering quicker, smarter solutions to tackle the world’s toughest challenges, UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner said today.  

Beyond profit: how SDG Impact helps the private sector

When profits alone are no longer the measure of success, what other metrics will the private sector use to demonstrate their impact on well-being, or income, or the environment?  

The pressing need for a global digital ecosystem

We are at pivotal moment in the stewardship of the planet.  

Stimulating investment in African economies

Helping countries to benefit from their rich genetic and biological resources.  

Developing a global 'immune response' to 21st century challenges

Investing in new ways of working in an interconnected world.  

No more missed opportunities

Tapping the potential of UNDP's national staff through the Global Policy Network.  

Why the world needs 'good' digital ID

Digital ID is fast emerging as a solution for greater inclusion, but it also has the potential for misuse.  

Corporate, investment leaders review SDG Impact plans

UNDP leads efforts to streamline financing for the Global Goals  

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